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Latest News

  1. 2016 wasn’t all bad…………

    5 January 2017

    You’ve probably seen on viral emails, social media and news stories that many people have rated 2016 one of the worst ever.

    But, as local GP and chair of Hillingdon CCG, Dr Ian Goodman says, “Regardless of what put you off about 2016 and before you get too down about it, don’t forget that there were a lot of highlights last year.

    “The NHS has worked 24 hours a day every day during 2016. In that time, we’ve been able to help lots of people and make improvements to care for 2017 – and the years ahead.”

  2. Have you made your New Year resolutions for 2017? Here are some top health tips from your local NHS

    3 January 2017

    The New Year is a great way to get the motivation you need to stay fit and healthy. Hillingdon CCG is encouraging everyone in the borough to stay well with some simple and effective health tips. Put wellbeing top of your New Year resolutions list for 2017!

  3. Proposal for changes to primary care commissioning in Hillingdon

    29 December 2016

    Hillingdon GPs are currently considering a proposal to give all commissioning decisions for primary care to Hillingdon CCG. Decisions over primary care are currently made by a joint committee led by the CCG and NHS England, while the new proposal would mean all responsibilities, such as contract management, are handled by the CCG.

  4. GPs and urgent care services open over winter

    20 December 2016

    If you need medical care or advice over Christmas the NHS is on hand to help.

    Dr Ian Goodman, Chair of Hillingdon CCG and a local GP says:

    “With the cold weather it is important to look after yourself and stay well. Your local NHS is here to help, providing you with the right care at the right time.

    “For many common complaints, a visit to your pharmacist, walk-in centre or other health service could be more appropriate than a stressful trip to A&E.”

  5. We’re backing London Ambulance Services’ latest festive campaign

    19 December 2016

    Hillingdon CCG is backing London Ambulance Service’s hard-hitting alcohol awareness campaign highlighting the impact of alcohol-related calls on the capital’s other ill and injured patients.

    The social media campaign illustrates how people who have drunk so much they are collapsed and unconscious can ‘top’ other patients as paramedics rush to treat them leaving others to wait longer.

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