Carers Impact Analysis

Hillingdon CCG is excited to share a new way you can volunteer your skills and experience as a carer to influence the work that we do through the Carers Impact Assessment (CIA) group.  

If you are/were a carer, or you work in an organisation that provides carers services, then you have all the skills we are looking for.

Elderly woman with carer/community nurse

You're invited to the CCG's Carers Impact Assessment Group open meeting to learn more about this opportunity and help inform the group's terms of reference.

To sign up for the next Carers Impact Assessment, get in touch with Natasha England, Patient Engagement and Communications Officer on 0189 5488 160  or email

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will it take?

CIA takes approximately 3 hours to complete. We advise a 2:1 split, 2 hours group work and 1 hour reading prior to a CIA

What if I want to do more that one CIA?

We will notify you of all the assessments we carry out and you can choose as many as you wish to attend.

What if the person I care for needs me on the day of a CIA and I can't attend?

The CCG fully appreciate that a carer may need to be called upon without prior warning . If such an instance arises, we ask that the welfare of  the person who is being cared for, always takes priority. If such a circumstance arises there will be no need to contact the CCG.