Joint co-commissioning

Hillingdon CCG has formed a joint committee with NHS England for the co-commissioning of local primary medical care services as announced here

The committee includes a range of clinical, lay, and executive representatives in order to ensure that it benefits from a broad range of expertise. The following people sit on Hillingdon's joint committee:

Hillingdon committee

 Hillingdon CCG


Dr Ian Goodman

Second GP

Dr Stephen Shapiro

Accountable Officer

Rob Larkman

Chief Operating Officer

Caroline Morison

Chief Financial Officer

Neil Ferrelly

Secondary care governing body member

Dr John Riordan

Nurse governing body member

Jan Norman

Lay audit chair

Tom Challenor

Lay member (joint committee chair)

Trevor Begg

NHS England

Director of Primary Care Commissioning (London) and Programme Director for Transforming Primary Care

Liz Wise

Director of Commissioning and Operations (NW London)

Jo Ohlson

Assistant Medical Director (London)

Dr Mark Spencer

Medical Director (North West London)

Dr David Finch

Head of primary care (North West London)

Julie Sands

The committee’s duties and responsibilities are set out in its terms of reference, which can be found here. These terms of reference have been agreed by the CCG’s governing body. 

Agendas and papers for all meetings can be accessed here. A full list of upcoming dates and locations are also available.